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A web based comic management system for your ComicRack library.




Docker using Gradle

./gradlew build docker
docker run de.wasenweg/alfred

Docker manually

This will basically replicate what the Gradle docker plugin manages.

1. Network

Set up a common network:

docker network create alfred-net

2a. New MongoDB

Set up a new MongoDB connected to the network:

docker run --name mongo -p 27017:27017 --net=alfred-net mongo

2b. Existing MongoDB

If you want to use an existing MongoDB instead, run and connect it to the network:

docker start mongo
docker network connect alfred-net mongo

3. Build

Build the docker image:

./gradlew clean build
mkdir target
unzip build/libs/alfred.jar -d target/dependency
docker build -t de.wasenweg/alfred .

4. Run

Run the image and connect to the MongoDB:

docker run -p 5000:8080 --net=alfred-net -v /path/to/comics:/comics alfred

Replace /path/to/comics with the path to your comic library.

The application will now be available at http://localhost:5000.


To run the application on the host system directly, make sure to have a MongoDB running, e.g. on localhost, then run:

./gradlew clean build && java -jar build/libs/alfred.jar

The application will now be available at http://localhost:8080.


End-to-end tests


Start a test instance

docker network create alfred-net
docker pull mongo:3.6
docker run -d --name mongo mongo:3.6
docker network connect alfred-net mongo

./gradlew build docker -x test

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE=test -e SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI=mongodb://mongo/alfred --net=alfred-net --rm -v $PWD/src/test/resources/fixtures/full:/comics --name alfred de.wasenweg/alfred

Install dependencies

cd ui && npm i

Run tests

Run via the ng-cli wrapper:

npm run e2e -- --base-url=http://localhost:8080/ --dev-server-target=

or directly via protractor, skipping webdriver update:

npm run protractor

There is also a headless version:

npm run protractorHeadless

Debug tests

In order to debug, add a debugger; to the test you want to debug and then run the protractor config manually with node. Example for debugging library.e2e-spec.ts:

node --inspect-brk node_modules/protractor/bin/protractor e2e/protractor.conf.js --specs=e2e/src/library.e2e-spec.ts


Library view


Settings and menu

Settings and menu

Volume view